Routed Signs

Routed signs can be used both indoor and outdoor to advertise your business. It is made by cutting materials such as wood, aluminium, PVC or acrylic etc.  into your desired text or logo.  It can also be formed into different texts, shapes, painted in any colour or have digital print applied onto it.
They are also referred to as “Stencil” or raised signs and can be mounted unto various surfaces alone or installed onto a backing. They can be illuminated with LEDs of your choice to give a back glow.
These signs are very sophisticated and give a professional look to any business.  Routed signs can also work into any budget depending on the materials, thickness of letters you choose and are cost-effective.

Types of Routed Signs:

  • Engraved
  • Push-Thru
  • Backlit
  • Stencil